Jameson Court Less Lawn

Sierra Madre is known for its beautiful small town suburban feel and its large residential lots, but the recent drought has required the city of Sierra Madre to put restrictions on  its citizens’ water usage. So, when I got a call to come out and help re-think my clients giant lawn I was happy to help. My crew removed the lawn and got to work. We added beds containing rock and mulched areas planted with California and Australian Natives that are less thirsty then sod. We added a river rock garden along the walkway leading up to the house and reinstalled the irrigation with water conservation in mind. Finally, we created a fairy garden for the young lady of the family to nurture and care for.  Ultimately, the lawn was reduced by more then half, with the water usage following suit.

160 Jameson Court - Conceptual 2-D Drawing

Jameson Court Before
160 Jameson Court Front Beds
160 Jameson Court Fairy Garden
Jameson Court Walkway Arroyo

160 Jameson Court Plan

Plants after one year of growth : The house is now buffered from the street traffic and the landscape creates a rich and vibrant environment.